BCA Accounting Education Program, Deadline February 28, 2019

For friends who have now graduated from high school/equivalent but have not had the opportunity to continue their studies due to financial constraints and have not received suitable employment, this Accounting Education Program (PPA) from BCA may be an attractive option. PPA is also open to friends who are currently sitting in class XII. The program lasts for 30 months, using the knockout system with strict graduation standards. While attending education, learning activities are not only done in class. Students are also required to take part in the on the job training program within the BCA. In addition, students also get soft skills training, such as leadership, teamwork, character building, grooming, and financial planning. 

Facilities for Participants: 

  • Free education or no fee. 
  • Pocket money 
  • Textbook 
  • Health check according to company policy 

General Requirements: 

  • High school graduates equivalent or who currently sit in class XII 
  • Maximum age 19 years 
  • Grade X-XII report card average minimum 7.50 
  • Never stay in class since Elementary School 
  • Do not use drugs or get involved other crimes 

Registration Procedures and Deadlines: 

Register online on this registration page. Please read very carefully before completing the registration form. There are so many applicants for this program that only the registration form meets the requirements to be processed. For this class, the final registration will be on February 28, 2019. Questions related to this program can be directly asked at the telephone number (021) 25563000. Complete information can be read on the official website of BCA.

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