The first challenge, Surabaya
In 2005, I graduated from Diponegoro university as a bachelor of mathematics . My study completed within a period of four and a half years, not too fast and not too long. Nothing special during my undergraduate study. Even the grades of my courses are below the average. At the time, I felt that I was in college just to get a diploma and graduate perfunctory. I am also inactive in my organization, even more, time off campus because I had to look for additional living expenses for college. Fortunately, for tuition, each semester has been promoted by parents. So I feel that I should be able to ease the burden of parents to pay for my own life.
In 2005, after my graduation, I decided to return home. This is because the parents are very hoping that I can go home and devote my abilities in my hometown and stay close to their parents. Later that year I applied for a job as a madrassa teacher in an area close to my home. I teach mathematics courses at private schools. Salaries were small and minimal facilities is a general description for a job like mine. Even the time that the fate of teachers in rural areas is marginalized. But that's my choice at the time. Even with all the limitations and shortcomings of existing I live with glad and sincere.
Over time it turns out I really enjoy my job. I feel that the happiness of life and satisfaction with work is not solely be measured only on the salary and benefits obtained. I enjoy my job at that time and felt no inner satisfaction gained when my knowledge is useful and meaningful to them my students.
Two years I underwent my job as a teacher. Even in the second year I got an offer to teach at another school not far from the school first. I then accepted the offer and ended the next year I was very busy for teach in two schools at once. There are two reasons why I accepted the offer. The first school was the school where I studied, the second salary that I get from school which is not yet sufficient to finance my life let alone to help parents.
One year with the overcrowding that is taught in two different schools. Busyness is compounded by the extra tutoring for students in grade three who will face his final school examinations. At night, I had to be taken up because I was again held power for guiding students who live in the school dormitory. It loads very heavy and a hectic schedule. Praise God who has given me strength to get through it.
As time goes I started to feel tired and no doubt in my heart. I feel the burden of my responsibility is too great and my ability is not enough. I feel the need to improve my skills as well as learn a lot of things. In 2007, I heard there was an offer of scholarships for school teachers. I feel this is my chance to improve myself and learn more. And this is a challenge for me to prove that I get the correct deficiencies in college especially my grades was under average. Finally, I followed a selection process and strive to the fullest. I do not forget to ask prayer to parents and teachers as well as teman2 arms to the success of this scholarship. Finally arrived when the announcement of the receipt of master's scholarships for school teachers. Really happy and thrilled when I see my name emblazoned on the list of participants who qualify for the scholarship announcement for master degree. Finally, God answered the prayers of his servants as desired. This is the starting point I started my life in the city of Surabaya. In this city, my spirit blossomed again. In this city, my confidence rose as the rise of the spirit of independence fighters in the town of heroes, Surabaya

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